Florence Masebe on Covid-19: People are dying yet others are partying, we're going to see flames

The star slams people living in oblivion as many others face real danger of Covid-19

27 June 2020 - 13:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Florence Masebe is worried that people are being reckless.
Florence Masebe is worried that people are being reckless.
Image: Via Instagram

Veteran actress Florence Masebe has expressed her concern about people taking the dangers of Covid-19 too lightly when the statistics should be having the opposite effect on them.

The actress took to Twitter to share her thoughts on people who were living their best lives and partying during level three of the national lockdown.

People are dying, yet others are partying. We are going to see flames,” she said.

Florence said this on the back of SA having recently surpassed 100,000 coronavirus cases and an ever increasing death toll.

She expressed grave concern for those living like the virus would bypass them.

It's been hitting home all along. Now it's just scary. People we know are getting sick, not just testing positive. Others are still carrying on like there is no pandemic or that it doesn't apply to them.”

Florence isn't the only one worried about people's reckless behaviour during these dangerous times.

Maps Maponyane shared a similar concern just the other day.

It's wild, we're reading infection and death stats from Covid-19 like it's the weather report, and everyone just keeps it moving.”