IN MEMES | Gomora fans losing their minds after Thati’s first hijack went well

07 July 2020 - 09:50
Actress Katlego Danke has Gomora fans glued to the TV.
Actress Katlego Danke has Gomora fans glued to the TV.
Image: Instagram/Katlego Danke

Gomora's Thati left viewers impressed with her “hijack with class” style as she joined her mother on the wrong side of the law, and did a whole hijacking stunt in high heels.

After trying her “hardest” to make a living after her rich husband's sudden and unfortunate death, Thati has finally given up her morals to join her gangster mama in the Gomora hijacking business. Fans couldn't help but stan at how she did the job with Thati swag!

Being her mother's favourite sure came through for Thati, because even after she made sure her mother got arrested for her own husband's hijacking and murder, her mother forgave her.

Not only did she forgive her, she went on to butter her up until Thati joined her illegal business.

Thati is using the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Through her mother's business, she gets to make her rich frenemies pay for abandoning her in her time of need and she makes enough money to get out if the financial mess her husband left her in.

Tweeps can't say they didn't see this coming but they sure were impressed by how she's keeping her classy Sandton fashion sense, even when she's clearly gunning for the Gomora queen title like her mother.

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