LISTEN | 'Uzalo's' Tee Xaba: Personally I’m a sucker for love but I'd never consider polygamy

10 July 2020 - 07:00 By chrizelda kekana
Actress Tee Xaba plays Sphilile on 'Uzalo'.
Actress Tee Xaba plays Sphilile on 'Uzalo'.
Image: Instagram/Uzalo

As the wedding between Uzalo's Sbonelo and Sphilile gets closer, fans can't help but look forward to the pending drama about who will end up as Sbonelo's wife between Sphilile and Nonka. Actress Tee Xaba, who plays Sphilile, shared her thoughts on what's about to go down.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Tee revealed that Sphilile's weakness is love and a mild case of low self-esteem.


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“When I started out obviously I had to just feel out what Sphilile was like ... what she liked and what she didn't like. Having been on that journey has been nothing but exhilarating fun and she's been nothing but a joy. I now know that she's just a sucker for love ...”

The actress added that while Sphilile was the kind of woman to follow love to the ends of the earth, Tee would never compromise her self-worth in the name of love.

“I am a sucker for love myself, I am a hopeless romantic. But like I said, I am not stupid in love though, I would never forget who I am just because I am in a relationship. I still know my worth, which is what I don't think Sphilile really sees. She doesn't consider herself to be all that important. I think she downplays how amazing she is, which is nothing like me,” Tee said.

The character she plays has no idea that she might be marrying into a polygamy situation, though at this point the fans of the show are almost convinced that will be the case. Her on-screen hubby to be, Sbonelo, is in love with two women and is not willing to let either of them go.

While Tee is almost sure that if placed in that situation, Sphilile would eventually go along with being a first or second wife, Tee knows for sure that, personally, polygamy is a no-go area for her.

“Never would I ever agree to marry into polygamy. It's a no no for me. It will never happen. I will never accept it, haai xha! Ang'geke!”

There's about to be a showdown on Uzalo. Whose team are you on?

#TeamNonka or #TeamSphilile? Just check this scene out.