3 times Letoya and Lebo defended their love with stinging clapbacks!

24 September 2020 - 10:00
Actress Letoya Makhene and her partner Lebogang Keswa.
Actress Letoya Makhene and her partner Lebogang Keswa.
Image: Instagram

One of SA’s most loved-up couples, businesswoman Lebogang Keswa and actress Letoya Makhene, have had to deal with a lot of criticism over their relationship, but have never been scared to clap back when needed.

The couple, who confirmed their romance back in April, have not taken the online attacks and comments lying down.

Here are three times the lovebirds have clapped back at the haters to defend their love for each other.

'I heard God saying, peace be still'

After news broke about the couple’s relationship on Sunday World, Letoya spoke to TshisaLIVE about the newfound love.

Though the star was grateful for being welcomed by the LGBTIQ+ community with open arms, she was expecting a sea of controversy

“The backlash is something that I prepared myself for spiritually and is something that God prepared me for.

One of the messages that I went to bed with, the night before the article came out, was I literally had my God saying to me, 'peace be still'. When the message came in for me I knew exactly what I needed to do,” said Letoya.

'Boss lady tendencies'

When Letoya had homophobic remarks thrown her way from a troll after she posted a photo of herself with a bouquet of roses and romance, she clapped back.

Feeling like "the luckiest girl in the world", the star was not shy to put an Instagram user in their place.

“In case you haven’t noticed, Lebo and I have single-handedly shut down ignorant fools like yourself. Yes. I’ve had children from two different men and now I’m with a woman. Who’s the boss? You assume that it’s hurt that’s got me here? No honey, it’s boss lady tendencies that have got me to right where I should be.

“I’m happy. Are you? You need to check yourself, fool.”

'She's great in bed!'

Ever since the couple went public with their relationship, they have faced a plethora of intrusive and personal questions about their love life.

Letoya was fed up. After posting a picture of the pair taking a stroll along the beach, the star shocked fans with her blunt reaction to the trolls.

“Let’s just get this out of the way once and for all please and hopefully I won’t be asked this question again. To all the men who keep asking me, why her? What do I see in her? nywe nywe nywe, here’s my answer: she’s great in bed!” Letoya tweeted.