Three times Mzansi left celebs to defend themselves against American Twitter

27 September 2020 - 16:00
Lasizwe was left for dead and at the mercy of American Twitter.
Lasizwe was left for dead and at the mercy of American Twitter.
Image: Via Lasizwe's Instagram

If we thought Mzansi Twitter is brutal, American Twitter will come at you with guns blazing and soaring eagles. One mildly problematic statement about their beloved celebrities and your Twitter career is #Over.

Though we respect each other’s lanes, sometimes there is a pile up in the intersection. When both sides of the world collide in an all-out Twitter war, SA often abandons our rich and famous.

Here are three times Mzansi left our celebrities high and dry, at the mercy of “Murican” Twitter!

When Anele Mdoda came for Kelly Rowland

Who would come for a member of Destiny’s Child? Radio host Anele, of course!

The star landed in hot water after saying that Kelly Rowland doesn’t look good without make-up.

After media personality Sizwe Dhlomo tweeted “Kelly Rowland could low-key be the best looking one in DC (Destiny Child)", Anele responded in a now-deleted tweet attacking Kelly’s looks.

She said Kelly only “looks amazing with make-up”, adding that she had “receipts”.

Not too long after Mzansi called out the star, the Americans got hold of her comments. Needless to say, things got ugly and Anele was out there by herself.

Lasizwe vs Jay Versace

Though Lasizwe has sometimes been called the “Jay Versace” of SA, the two have butted heads before. The two kings of skit comedy had a full-on war on Twitter, and it was just scenes.

In 2018, Lasizwe posted a video of himself captioned “that one friend who doesn’t answer”, and Jay Versace of Vine fame accused the star of copying his content.

The back and forth between the two started an all-out war.

However, Mzansi lifted the white flag: either they were defeated or just not willing to defend Lasizwe against a country with the world’s third-largest army.

Living La Vida NOTa

Music boss Nhlamulo “Nota” Baloyi recently got dragged by American Twitter after he aired his views on American artists Jay-Z and Kanye West’s work relationship.

Nota claimed in a now-deleted tweet that Jay-Z sold Kanye West's masters for his first six albums.

American Twitter came for the musician, saying that he misunderstood Kanye's contracts.