Lasizwe stands by his opinion that education on homosexuality should start as young as 7 years

25 August 2020 - 11:00
Lasizwe landed on the Twitter trending list after he tweeted about teaching kids about same sex love.
Lasizwe landed on the Twitter trending list after he tweeted about teaching kids about same sex love.
Image: Instagram/Lasizwe

Reality TV star Lasizwe landed on the trends list after sharing that he believes kids as young as age seven should be educated about homosexuality and the dynamics of same sex love.

Lasizwe was immediately dragged by tweeps who didn't agree with his opinion, most of them resorting to throwing homosexual slurs and insults at him.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Lasizwe explained that he wasn't going to backtrack from what he said just because of the backlash, because if people were educated enough on homosexuality they would understand exactly what he means by his tweet.

“Kids are taught, already from a young age about heterosexual love and relationships ... that a man is supposed to love a woman and vice versa. So I believe that kids also need to be taught about homosexual love from that age too. Kids these days grasp things so fast and so they should be taught about this as well.

“I think people are opposed to the idea because they themselves are not as educated or informed about same sex love and the LGBTQI+ community themselves,” Lasizwe said.

Lasizwe also said he understood that part of the reason he trended is because he's the one who shared the opinion, stating that he believed if it had been said by another celeb, people probably would have reacted differently.

The vlogger reasons that SA and Africa still has a long way to go in truly understanding homosexuality and that perhaps that is part of the reason anything he says that is queer-centred catches fire on social media.

“Look, we do not want to raise confused kids. We need to do better by our children, we won't have homophobic people because the next generation will know better.”

There many other celebs such as Lumko Johnson and Olwee who came out in support of Lasizwe's opinion.

Both agreed that having their young friends being educated about the LGBTQI+ community would have made their lives a tad easier to navigate.

Read their thoughts below.