Lady Zamar shows off her acne-free skin, offers support for sufferers

“I went through this acne phase so suddenly and so publicly. It was a mess ...”

09 October 2020 - 10:00
Lady Zamar's journey as she struggled with acne was not an easy one.
Lady Zamar's journey as she struggled with acne was not an easy one.
Image: Instagram/Lady Zamar

After being cyberbullied for having acne last year, Lady Zamar has come out on the other side to show off her acne-free skin and encourage others going through the same to hang in there.

While acne is a problem faced by many, Lady Zamar was one of the first South African celebs to go through her journey back to smooth skin publicly after being trolled on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Lady Zamar shared a progress picture of her skin, after a fan shared visuals of how they overcame acne as part of the viral “Where It started — Where I am now” challenge.

I went through this acne phase so suddenly and so publicly ... it was a mess. So glad you’ve made it through this horrible phase. I wish healing to everyone going through this now,” she said.

Lady Zamar was ridiculed for months as she went through her healing journey, especially when she posted snaps or videos without any make-up where her acne was fully exposed.

Many times, she asked trolls for humanity and after one really hectic dragging session in last 2019, the singer spoke out.

“Stop this nonsense cyber bullying as if you weren’t taught goodness by someone in your life. People get acne all the time ... I'm not perfect and hey, as hard as it is, I’ll have confidence for everyone struggling with acne! Because you are not alone!” she hit back at trolls at the time.

Acne, which tends to get worse before it gets better, showed Lady Zamar flames and she was honest about it. She was going though the most at the time and hiding her acne was “too much admin”.

“Don’t worry about haters Zamartians. Don't worry about negativity because no matter what negative people say, or those who are disgusted, it can't quicken the process of healing or make the acne disappear. It takes time and it will be weeks and weeks before it disappears. Love you all, haters included.”

Anywho, after a long journey, sis has finally received her glow at the end of the tunnel and she looks amazing. You can tell that she feels amazing too.

Here are her before and after snaps below: