LOL! Natasha Thahane shut down a tweleb so hard, tweeps comforted him with Cassper’s lyrics

13 October 2020 - 13:00 By Masego Seemela
Natasha Thahane has 'dumped' her admirer.
Natasha Thahane has 'dumped' her admirer.
Image: Natasha Thahane via Instagram

Actress Natasha Thahane has set an online admirer straight, leaving social media users in a hectic meltdown on Tuesday morning.

Going by the name Cellular, Natasha's admirer fired his shot to show how much he loves and adores her. His shot, however, did not go unnoticed and gained him an invitation to the Blood and Water actress' 25th birthday celebration last month.

While she thanked him for attending her birthday celebration, even taking a cute picture with him, it looks like the actress now feels the tweleb is coming on way too strong with his love for her.

This after Cellular edited a recent picture of her wearing a black tee and inserted his face.

Moments later, Natasha tweeted, “How do you tell someone you don’t want them without being mean?”, Leaving tweeps to assume her tweet was directed at her crush.

She, however, claimed she wasn't referring to her online crush writing, “No, It's not him, that one is my hubby.”

Natasha then told her admirer to “stop, because people get it now”, leading many to feel sorry for Cellular as it has ended in his tears.  

Natasha's remark has since landed her and her admirer on the top trends list, with many trying to console Cellular.

Here's what some had to say: