Sizwe Dhlomo slams tweep for saying SA celebrities sidestep the real issues

31 October 2020 - 11:00 By deepika naidoo
Sizwe Dhlomo says this tweep is way off the mark.
Sizwe Dhlomo says this tweep is way off the mark.
Image: File Photo

TL stirrer of the pots Sizwe Dhlomo had to defend himself on Twitter this week after a tweep said that celebrities — including him — are self-centred.

Lockdown has given us some of the best and worst of Sizwe Dhlomo moments: from shooting his shot with Rihanna to his “apartheid spy” tweet that had the internet up in arms, the Kaya FM host has kept us entertained.

Obvs, his “know-it-all” tweets don't always land properly, so just the other day the media personality had to clap back at a tweep who said the star is self-absorbed just like his mates in celebville.

It all started when Sizwe made a joke about 'losing signal' when replying to Kim Kardashian's latest photo shoot celebrating her 40th birthday.

After being asked how he could lose signal when he “owns” a mountain (referring to his KwaZulu-Natal farm with views of rolling hills and waterfalls), the star opened up about the difficulties of living remotely.

“I’m not even stunting on you but there are parts of the farm where I can’t get signal even though the antenna is on the land,” wrote Sizwe.

A troll was quick to swoop in and call out celebrities for “sidestepping real issues” and talking about material objects.

However, Sizwe wasn't here for the tweeps shenanigans, telling them that they are barking up the wrong tree.

“You’ve come to the wrong guy with this nonsense,” wrote Sizwe.

This isn't the first time Sizwe Dhlomo's farm lifestyle has landed him in hot water.

Earlier this year a photo of himself with Maps Maponyane and Black Coffee was posted to Twitter and the internet came for the star's landowner ensemble.

Twitter said that the star has no sense of fashion in his farm duds. They even came for his feet in a pair of sandals. Sizwe joined in on the fashion police, laughing at the faux-pas by posting an 'update' on his toes.

Can't wait for part 7638 of Sizwe Dhlomo's iconic 2020 moments!