AKA says his 'Bhovamania' EP will go double platinum to show up haters

10 November 2020 - 15:00
Rapper AKA says he's going to rub his success in the face of his haters.
Rapper AKA says he's going to rub his success in the face of his haters.
Image: Via Instagram/AKA/Blaq Smith
No stranger to hate, rapper and producer AKA clapped back at the hate he has received for his latest album, and he ain't playin' this time. With the release of his latest long-time coming EP Bhovamania, fans have been loving the 13 fire tracks that didn't cease to amaze!

However, the album didn't receive love from all of Mzansi.

Last week, when the album came out, the star was receiving hate for the album.

In true AKA style, he took to Twitter to remind his haters that he is a force to be believed, and his album is going to fly off the shelves.

“When this thing goes double platinum, we are going to rub it in faces like it's never been seen before,” AKA tweeted.

Recently, the musician clapped back at a tweep who had critiques for the recent release and the Cassper-AKA war.
In an exchange with some now-deleted tweets, AKA's final blow was one for the books, according to his fans.
The star said that it was too late in the night/early in the morning to be dealing with that sort of hate and have a fight that needs attention.

“Can I just ask a question? Why are you guys from the other side so invested in me? Right now I’m lit from the club tryna' interact with my megacy. Here you are at 3.55am while your guy is sleeping peacefully or probably burping his newborn child. It’s pathetic, dude. Seriously,” said AKA.