MacG & team admit their comments were 'homophobic, transphobic and very distasteful'

Public apology issued to the LGBTQI+ community

01 February 2021 - 10:00 By chrizelda kekana
The internet was up-in-arms about MacG's transphobic comments.
The internet was up-in-arms about MacG's transphobic comments.
Image: Instagram/MacG

After facing a major backlash for transphobic slurs, MacG and the Podcast and Chill team have issued a public apology to the LGBTQI+ community, admitting their recent comments were “homophobic, transphobic and very distasteful”.

“On January 25, Podcast and Chill published an episode on YouTube. During the show remarks were made by our host, co-host and The Ghost lady which we acknowledge were very homophobic, transphobic and very distasteful,” read a statement on their Twitter page. 

The team said in retrospect they realise they were wrong for their remarks and failure to be sensitive, especially to the LGBTQI+ community which already faces dangers brought about by ignorance.

“The LGBTQI+ community faces enormous challenges and violence in our societies. The hate, unfair treatment and judgment are but a few issues the LGBTQI+ community faces. As people of influence, we oath to be very careful how we use the influence we have not to promote any kind of mistreatment and derogatory statements or slur to anyone regardless of their sexual orientation.

"We do take complete responsibility and accountability for being insensitive, ignorant and offensive.”

Read the full statement below:

They also apologised to their viewers and sponsors for their comments. They said they have removed the segment from the episode that contained the transphobic remarks.

We would like to unreservedly extend our apologies to the LGBTQI+ community, our Chillers, and our clients and business partners.

The team issued their statement with a new episode of the podcast in which they had a on discussion about the comments and backlash. They invited Yaya Mavundla, who is a transwoman, to the show.

Yaya called out the team for their recklessness and held them accountable. She tried to help them and viewers understand the problematic nature of their comments and consequences.

Watch the full episode below: