WATCH | Master KG sold out a show in Ethiopia and it left him in his feels!

03 March 2021 - 06:00 By chrizelda kekana
'Jerusalema' hitmaker Master KG had the time of his life on stage in Ethiopia.
'Jerusalema' hitmaker Master KG had the time of his life on stage in Ethiopia.
Image: Instagram/Master KG via Enock M

After being stuck at home during the prime of his music career thanks to Covid-19 Jerusalema hitmaker Master KG is finally travelling the world and selling out shows!

After waiting for a while to have his passport stamped, thanks to Covid-19 travel restrictions, Master KG recently began accepting international gigs and travelling to other countries to finally witness the powerful effect Jerusalema has abroad.

The musician recently took to Twitter to share the news that he had sold out a show in Ethiopia and shared amazing visuals from there.

“Sold out show in Ethiopia yesterday! Big thanks to all my fans for showing up in huge numbers ... Jerusalema is our home,” he captioned the video.

Watch videos from what looks like an electrifying night below:

Listening to the crowd sing along to Jerusalema left the musician in his feels!

The DJ explained that listening to the large crowd sing along to his song “touched” him.

“Listen to these amazing voices of Ethiopians singing along to Jerusalema ... This touched me deep,” he said.

Even though the Limpopo-born musician has been in the game for a while, 2020 and his song Jerusalema became a game-changer for him. Just as the global pandemic of Covid-19 hit the world, his song became the anthem of hope for many across the globe.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE in July last year, Master KG said he was amazed to see the impact the song had on people that possibly don't even understand the words. He revealed that he believed the success was a product of his faith.

“Faith is what kept me moving before Master KG became a worldwide-known name, so I have faith that this will pass and everything will be back to normal” he said.

At the time, Master KG said the hardest thing for him during the lockdown was not being able to perform and be physically present in all these international countries to feel the love coming his way.

“Not going to gigs, not seeing my family more often and being restricted from inviting people over so we can work, because that's what music is about — teaming up to come up with something amazing in studio,” he said of the things he misses most.

Over a year since his song became a worldwide hit, Master KG has won multiple awards, and had millions of views on YouTube and millions of streams and airplay all over the world.

Now that there's a vaccine for the virus and the world is slowly but surely getting a handle on the pandemic, Master KG can finally be one with the world as they celebrate his “hope-infused” music through live performances.