Busiswa to GBV victims: If you’re in an abusive relationship, speak up & walk away

09 March 2021 - 07:00
Musician Busiswa has shared some advice meant for victims of GBV.
Musician Busiswa has shared some advice meant for victims of GBV.
Image: Instagram/Busiswa

Hitmaker Busiswa has taken to her TL to lambaste men on Twitter who insist on defending abusers and attempting to justify abuse.

Ignited once more by the ongoing conversations about gender-based violence (GBV), musician and abuse survivor Busiswa reminded victims of GBV that men on social media platforms are often willing to die on the hill of being “abuse” apologists.

One thing about my brothers on this app, they will defend, justify and nullify abuse.”

Busiswa felt it important to remind women who may be victims of GBV that they deserve joy. She urged them to speak up and walk away once they realise that they are in abusive relationships.

If you’re in abusive relationship, I know it may feel like you’re on your own and have nowhere to go but please speak up and walk away. It’s not worth your life or joy. You deserve joy too,” she said.

Busiswa often speaks up against injustice, prejudice and abuse on her timeline.

Previously, the Power hitmaker slammed men who try to explain away abuse and advised women to leave abusive men.

“I'm not sure who needs to hear this but know this: Many men will defend abusers to delusional ends. See his side of the story. Try very hard to understand what you did to make him do it. These men are doing the same behind closed doors.”

The star had one clear message to encourage women.

“From the first slap, leave, sis. Joy awaits you,” she said.

The singer has previously opened up about her personal journey of healing after being in two abusive relationships.

“I'm making this video to address a few things particularly about gender-based violence, but also to talk to women and girls who have or may ever find themselves in those situations,” she explained in a series of videos shared on her Instagram accounts last year.

“To ladies who are in abusive relationships, it's not your responsibility or your job to change an abuser. When I was in an abusive relationship, I kept it a secret, I didn't tell anyone because I did not only want to protect the person I was with at the time, I also didn't want anybody to think that I'm weak.”

Busiswa also told her fans that she regrets not getting her alleged abusers arrested.

“I must say, I’m flawed in that regard. I don’t think it’s enough to just leave ... I do think it’s important to take action and report these cases because this why men who are abusers are walking around freely in our communities. They live among us because there are no repercussions for their actions,” she said at the time.