IN MEMES | 'The Queen' fans are just about ready for Khaya & Cici to leave!

08 April 2021 - 18:00
Actor Paballo Koza plays Khaya Khoza in 'The Queen'.
Actor Paballo Koza plays Khaya Khoza in 'The Queen'.
Image: Twitter/Mzansi Magic

Mzansi Magic's telenovela The Queen held three different spots on the SA Twitter trends list on Wednesday night as fans of the telenovela expressed their annoyance with Shaka's son Khaya and how they wish he could go back to boarding school after his recent stunts.

Since his arrival, Khaya has been nothing but trouble and a cause of stress for his family.

Far from the adorable version he used to be earlier in the story, as a teen Khaya has been problematic to say the least. Being controlled by peer pressure and the need to please his otherwise opportunist girlfriend (Cici) as well as maintain the “I come from a rich family” aesthetic, Khaya has been doing the most to his father and family.

If he's not throwing tantrums, he's stealing or doing something that could easily endanger his life and The Queen fans are fed up with his behaviour. In his latest stunt, Khaya stole his grandmother's gun, which was an action that would most likely end in tears for the young boy.

The family seems oblivious to the kind of trouble Khaya keeps digging himself into. However, Brutus is the only one who can see through Khaya's act but nobody ever believes the “always drunk” uncle!

Fans are simply fed up with Khaya — here are the reactions in memes, saying as much!