Normani drops single 'Wild Side' and tweeps feel exactly what they need!

16 July 2021 - 10:00 By deepika naidoo
The star of Fifth Harmony fame has blessed fans with a new track and music video.
The star of Fifth Harmony fame has blessed fans with a new track and music video.
Image: Instagram/Normani

Former girl group star and artist Normani has dropped her well-anticipated single Wild Side with Cardi B, and the song is already popping on Twitter.

With the world in turmoil and not much hope in sight, fans felt like a light was sent from above after artist Normani released her single Wild Side featuring rapper Cardi B.

The star also dropped the music video, featuring more mature visuals as the star graduates from her Motivation era.

Shortly after it's release, fans took to Twitter with their verdicts on the song, excited for the Normani comeback. Many praised the star for keeping up the excellence and bringing groove energy back to the charts.

Users also felt that Normani collaborating with Cardi B was a chef's kiss when it comes to black women killing it.

Check out their reactions below:

In a more local take on the international music scene, media personality Sizwe Dhlomo has placed his bets on Drake after the One Dance star was pitted against Kanye West in an all out “whose the better artist anyway?” war on the TL.

It all began after a tweep claimed that no-one can beat Kanye when it comes to rap verses, and anyone who goes up against the star will tie at best.

However, the Kaya FM host weighed in that Drake could kill it and win hands down. 

But the celeb had some naysayers in the reply section of the tweets. One such person tried to school the star on Kanye being a more successful rapper but Sizwe clapped back with facts about Drake being a leader in the music industry and reminding the tweep that this is his job.

"... And Drake has the most Billboard Hot 100 entries. Not rapper, artist, period! That includes people like Taylor Swift & Elvis. Relax bro, I do this for a living,” said Sizwe.