Prince Kaybee gets dragged for his 'no such thing as toxic masculinity' claim

23 August 2021 - 11:00 By deepika naidoo
Twitter wasn't too impressed with the musician's thoughts on masculinity.
Twitter wasn't too impressed with the musician's thoughts on masculinity.
Image: Instagram/ Prince Kaybee

Mzansi had their feathers ruffled after DJ and Hosh hitmaker Prince Kaybee said he didn't believe that toxic masculinity exists.

Notorious for his often “unpopular” opinions, Prince Kaybee stirred the pot again this week when he took to the Twitter TL to chat about masculinity and what it means to men. 

Addressing his male fans, the musician said there is nothing toxic about the concept of masculinity.

He said men need to be masculine to “thrive, protect and love others”.

“Gents, there’s nothing toxic about being masculine. You need that trait as a man to thrive, protect yourself, your loved ones and be successful. No-one must ever tell you to tone it down so that you appear equal,” said Kaybee.

Prince Kaybee may have had an inspirational message for the lads who follow him, however, the star came under fire from the Twitter brigade for his comments.

Landing Kaybee on the trending list at the weekend, many were quick to point out that there are different types of masculinity we see in society, and it's possible for there to be toxicity.

People said toxic masculinity and masculinity aren't the same thing. 

The star stood his ground, saying society needs strong when who value masculinity to protect women. Kaybee also hit back at supposed claims that he is an “abuser” and “rapist”, stating that out of all the DJs in SA, he has been most vocal women's rights.

“I’m not a rapist or an abuser, in fact I think I have openly advocated for women more than any other DJ in SA. There’s men and women who kill, rape, abuse and molest, men and women. Masculinity is a component of being a man, we need strong men to protect women,” the star wrote.

His stance on how men should be protecting women sparked debate in the comment section of his tweet, leading to much disagreement on the dichotomies of masculinity and femininity.

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