Makhadzi felt the love in KZN — thanks DJ Tira for making it happen for her!

11 October 2021 - 12:00 By Constance Gaanakgomo
Musician Makhadzi loved KZN.
Musician Makhadzi loved KZN.
Image: Instagram/Makhadzi

Even though she's recognised all over Africa, Limpopo-born hitmaker Makhadzi hadn't had a chance to share her electrifying performance with the province of KZN until recently and she's thanked DJ Tira for welcoming her.

The Ghanama singer has gained a huge following and love on the continent as one of SA's best performers on the stage, but there were still a few places locally she hadn't travelled to to perform.

Thanks to DJ Tira, Makhadzi had a taste of  the vibe in Durban when she went to perform at Insimbini Lifestyle this past weekend.

Sharing moments from the weekend on her Instagram profile, the Matorokisi singer said she loved the experience so much that she's added the province to the places she calls home. 

“DJ Tira, thanks for bringing me in KZN for the first time ... KZN is now my new home, the love I received yesterday is too much,” said an excited Makhadzi.

While Makhadzi has a large following, she never seems to escape the trolls who aim for her at every turn.

After her live performance at the Sand Music Festival in Malawi, the star trended for all the wrong reasons. 

The hitmaker was really chuffed about her performance and instead of getting praise, the singer topped the trends list when a troll decided to mock Makhadzi by insinuating she does not bath because she has dark inner thighs.

The event photographer shared the pictures that gave the trolls ammunition to use against her.

Thankfully, more and more South Africans are changing their perceptions about body image and came to the star's defence when she apologised for the pigment in her inner thighs.