WATCH | From pretty makeup to powerful performance! Here’s how Makhadzi rocked Botswana

26 October 2021 - 06:00
Makhadzi took Botswana by storm.
Makhadzi took Botswana by storm.
Image: Instagram/ Makhadzi

Never one to leave her supporters feeling robbed, Makhadzi went all out to give fans the full Makhadzi experience in Botswana this past weekend.

The Limpopo-hitmaker served face, body, vocals and moves to her adoring fans in the neighbouring country.

All through the weekend, social media posts popped up from her fans detailing how Botswana had been Makhadzified. The Matorokisi hitmaker also kept her SA fans in the loop as she documented her time that side.

Makhadzi looked stunning and fans were impressed when they heard the story of how she met up with the lady who did her face this past weekend.

The musician shared a story about how she got her makeup done by an upcoming MUA (makeup artist) named Bobo after she made contact through Instagram.

Bobo apparently slid into Makhadzi's DMs and pleaded with her to allow her to do her makeup when she landed in Botswana. After getting the public's support by sharing her posts, she finally got a call from Makhadzi's team.

This is how she did her magic on Makhadzi.

Not only did Makhadzi have the time of her life in Botswana but she also met the country's superstars Vee Mampeezy and Charma Gal.

Makhadzi knelt down to show respect to Charma Gal, explaining that as a queen she recognised another queen. The pair performed the song Themba Muthu together.

“I am very much emotional because of the love I received yesterday from my Botswana lovely fans. You guys proved to me that god’s timing is the best. And if he says yes, nobody can say no!

“Vee Mampeezy and Charma Gal, thanks for supporting me yesterday. Your presence made my performance a boom! Let's continue giving our people good music. We are one.”

More than anything else though, Makhadzi made sure Botswana got a taste of what makes her a powerful performer. She left it all on the stage ... literally!

Watch her electrifying performances below: