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Justice Malala is an award-winning journalist, TV host, political commentator and newspaper columnist. He writes regularly for the Sunday Times and Financial Mail, among others, and is the resident political analyst for e.tv and eNews Channel Africa.

JUSTICE MALALA | Speak up, Cyril. The people’s patience is running out

If Ramaphosa will not tell us the whole truth about the theft at his game farm, what does he have to hide?

JUSTICE MALALA | Power politics is ruining SA. We need a dramatic shift in focus

With 45% of the population unemployed, we can’t afford to allow greed and power to distract us from our priorities

JUSTICE MALALA | If Cyril can’t answer crucial questions, SA will be back in ...

If Fraser’s allegations force Ramaphosa out of office, his faction will collapse and the state capture brigade will return

JUSTICE MALALA | At last there seems to be light at the end of the corruption ...

Those headed for the chopping block will try to undermine people like chief justice Zondo, but we can’t waver

JUSTICE MALALA | SA is on a collision course to becoming a lawless state

When the rule of law applies to some and not to an elite and connected section of society, this a recipe for anarchy

JUSTICE MALALA | Lies are so much SA’s norm that even good people can’t COPE ...

If ANC leaders like Manuel had stood up to be counted when COPE was formed we wouldn’t be where we are today

JUSTICE MALALA | What lies ahead? ANC is now so corrupt, it can’t even see it’s ...

The party’s slippery slope started under Mandela and has now reached a depth from which there is no return

JUSTICE MALALA | Zuma: a freedom fighter turned ‘spanner boy’ who must be jailed

The former president risked his life for a free SA, then sold out to a family of shysters, for which he must pay

JUSTICE MALALA | KZN leaders need to be reminded they are servants, not royalty

The provincial government should be put under administration, but of course that’s not going to happen

JUSTICE MALALA | ANC will make hay while the sun shines, for it knows darkness ...

The R1bn for KZN disaster relief will be looted by politicians who know their time in power is limited