Spare a thought for Mpofu: EFFing & blinding isn’t only happening at the cricket

22 March 2018 - 10:00
Advocate Dali Mpofu.
Advocate Dali Mpofu.
Image: Gallo Images

Spare a thought for Advocate Dali Mpofu.

One minute you’re a national hero for getting Kagiso Rabada unbanned for today’s Test match at Newlands, the next you're getting WhatsApps from Floyd Shivambu telling you he's writing an apology and can you please text him some euphemistic synonyms for “grabbing a journalist by the throat”.

Yes, Tuesday must have been an exceptionally irritating day for the advocate. When you’ve just performed legal miracles to restore a superstar to his rightful place, you really don't want to have to go back to the EFF’s Secret Pretend War Base at Berchtesgaden-am-Braamfontein and ask the lads why they forgot their lines about respecting the press and instead accidentally reiterated their true position on media freedom.

Unfortunately for Mpofu, however, the EFF is just getting warmed up. The ANC has poached its land agenda – its only reason for existing – which means it will have to turn the dial up to 11 in the coming month, relying on hyperaggressive nationalism and general belligerence to stay in the public eye and keep its voters convinced that it is a government in waiting rather than a way for Julius Malema to work through his issues with the ANC.

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