Nike stores reopen following backlash over Adam Catzavelos's racist video

24 August 2018 - 17:38 By Reuters
A screenshot of a video of Adam Catzavelos using the 'k-word'
A screenshot of a video of Adam Catzavelos using the 'k-word'
Image: Via Twitter/@MbuyiseniNdlozi

Nike stores in SA were all open on Friday, the company said, after some were closed following a backlash over racist comments by Adam Catzavelos, who is said to have links to the US sportswear company.

Some stores were closed on Wednesday after the comments, in a video posted online, caused a public outcry. Nike was not mentioned in the video but TimesLIVE reported that Catzavelos was married to a merchandising director at Nike.

Nike said he was not an employee of the company.

In the video, taken at a beach resort, Catzavelos says: "And not one k****r in sight. F***ing heaven on earth."

Nike, in a statement on Wednesday, had reiterated its "long-standing commitment to diversity, inclusion and respect".

SA remains deeply scarred by its apartheid and colonial past, with the racial reconciliation embraced by the late president Nelson Mandela frequently marred by racist incidents.