I’m willing to appear before Zondo commission – Malusi Gigaba

30 September 2018 - 16:30 By Timeslive
Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba answers questions during his appearance before the parliamentary hearing into state capture on March 12 2018.
Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba answers questions during his appearance before the parliamentary hearing into state capture on March 12 2018.
Image: Esa Alexander

Home affairs minister Malusi Gigaba says he is willing to appear before the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into state capture should he be required to do so‚ but that he doesn’t think it will be necessary.

He was responding to questions on Twitter after announcing on Saturday night that he was prepared to respond to allegations regarding state capture.

Malusi kicked off the session by stating: “Let me set aside the next hour to addressing the narrative that I was ever/am captured by the Guptas. I undertake to address every direct allegation underpinning this narrative. Arbitrary and speculative insults‚ however‚ I will respectfully ignore. Please talk to me ...”

One of the questions was whether he would be prepared to appear before the Zondo Commission led by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

Malusi responded: “Yes. I am willing to appear before Judge Zondo anytime he decides it is necessary that I do so. That said‚ I doubt he will ever decide that it is.”

In a follow-up tweet‚ he stated: “I am still saying that everything will be alright. Unlike the sponsors of the propaganda against me‚ Judge Zondo relies on direct testimony and evidence. It is impossible to come up with the latter‚ at least‚ about things that simply never happened.”

One of the first questions was whether he was appointed by the Guptas‚ to which he replied: “No.”

One person asked whether he was “ever a gupta stooge” and‚ if not “why do you think this perception has enjoyed such traction for all these years?”

Malusi’s response: “No. I am as curious as you to find our the answer to your second question.”

Some else asked whether he believed “the Gupta family held undue sway over policy in the Zuma administration” to which Malusi replied: “I have no personal knowledge of this.”

Several people challenged him about his visits to the Gupta compound in Saxonwold.

“I have said it a million times. I only ever visited the Gupta home for religious/social events attended by members of the public and various other political and business leaders. I doubt that these exceed 5‚” Malusi responded.

He added that the visits had been in his capacity as a deputy minister and minister.

“Many other ministers‚ opposition leaders‚ business people‚ diplomats also attended these.”

Asked by another Twitter user whether he thought he was the best candidate when he was appointed as minister of finance by former President Jacob Zuma and whether he had suspected that he was “being used or a plan was to use you given the climate at that time”‚ Malusi responded:

“One day‚ the story of how I came to be appointed finance minister will be told in full. Ditto the story of my tenure as finance minister. For now‚ just be reminded that it was I who came up with the idea of the SARS commission that is currently underway.”