Gill's sisters hit out at 'spineless git' Packham after conviction for wife's murder

21 May 2019 - 10:41 By Dave Chambers
The cover photograph of Gill Packham on the Justice for Gill Facebook page.
The cover photograph of Gill Packham on the Justice for Gill Facebook page.
Image: Facebook/Justice for Gill

"Spineless git", "controlling narcissist" and "Pinocchio" are some of the epithets aimed at Constantia businessman Rob Packham on a Facebook page run by two of his murdered wife's sisters.

Writing on their Justice for Gill page after Packham’s conviction in the Cape Town High Court on Monday, Helen Humphrey and Sue Humphrey said the outcome "allows us to acknowledge that justice has occurred for our sister".

They said: "For the past 15 months we have been dealing with the brutal murder of our sister Gillian Packham (nee Humphrey) and the subsequent revelations of the tragic and painful circumstances she was subjected to in the years and months leading up her murder by Rob Packham.

"While we became aware of some of these details in the last few months of her life, the conspiracy of silence surrounding Gill meant that we have only learned the full extent of what was taking place in the Packham family through this trial.

"Today's outcome by judge [Elizabeth] Steyn allows us to acknowledge that justice has occurred for our sister. The fact that justice has been done does not take away the fact that girls lost their mother and we lost a beautiful sister."

Sharon Cox thanked the Humphrey sisters for "shining a light on this common crime of domestic violence, played out to a deadly end".

She added: "My hope is that other women ... will choose to walk away from such marriages, even though this is easier said than done.

"I hope girls and young women have followed the trial, which showed on the stand a patriarchal misogynist who had all the hallmarks of a controlling narcissist. These kinds of people are dangerous."

Beverly Fuller said she could not fathom how Packham had thought his story would save him.

"I guess one will do anything to cover up a crime of this nature and avoid a lifetime in jail. There was never a way out for him. An accomplished liar, as the judge said."

Deidre Kenny said: "Someone near and dear to me committed suicide because of infidelity and, even worse, children were born out of it. So this brings sad memories back.

"I still see today how the children are suffering because of two selfish adults who decided wilfully to be demons and destroy a home and just carried on with life as if they did nothing wrong."

Charleen McIntosh pointed out that Packham's was "now a fractured family because of a spineless git", and Mandla Ndalo said: "I cannot wait for you to get sentenced Pinocchio."

Catherine Blake commented: "I lost my sister due to a husband driving her to suicide and literally telling her to pull the trigger, which she did. We will never have justice for her and it also drove a wedge between the family. Such a tragic loss of beautiful women who are abused and ruined by their husbands."

Wendy Gilbey, the Packhams' neighbour in Riesling Road, said her thoughts were with Gill's sisters and her daughters, Kerry and Nicola, "who have gone through so much and lost both their mom and dad".

Packham's sentencing procedures were due to begin on Tuesday but the defence requested an adjournment until Wednesday, which was granted.