WATCH | 'Do or die. Blood in, blood out': Lindsay Myeni likens US police to gangs

27 May 2021 - 06:00 By Emile Bosch

A gentle smile touches the lips of Lindsay Myeni as she recounts the events of April 14 — a day spent frolicking in the sea and soaking up Hawaii's magnificent sights with her family. 

Lindsay's world came crashing down that night, as her husband, Lindani, was shot dead by Honolulu police officers. 

According to Lindsay, Myeni had sought some form of spiritual protection that day. She says it was almost as if he knew something would happen to him. 

“I don’t know what it’s like before you die but I feel like some people just know the day they’re going to die,” she says. 

Lindsay believes Lindani had gone out to visit a local Hare Krishna temple, close to the Myeni family home. 

“If you look at my phone record, I hung up with him, 18 minutes later they’d had four bullets in him.

“So just tell me that’s not racist, tell me how you can go from not understanding what someone’s saying to calling the cops.

To them coming to sneak attack you in the dark, trying not to show you who they are. Not announcing they are police,” Lindsay says.

Myeni says she knew from her initial interaction with the investigator that something was off.

“The investigator who told me he was murdered met me at the hospital the next morning to tell me that he passed. I recorded that interaction because I could tell there was something fishy brewing,” Lindsay says. 

Lindsay and lawyers are  building a civil case to sue the Honolulu Police Department.

“Police in America have become a gang who protect each other. Do or die, blood in blood out,” she says. 

Lindsay  is pleading to be granted SA citizenship, as she feels the future of her children is in SA.

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