Five times Makhosi Khoza threw shade at the ANC

21 September 2017 - 16:55 By Kgaugelo Masweneng
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Makhosi Khoza. File photo.
Makhosi Khoza. File photo.
Image: Gallo Images / Rapport / Conrad Bornman

Here are five instances she threw shade at the ANC as she announced she was quitting:

1‚ For starters‚ Khoza vowed she would no longer “tap dance with the deadly‚ greedy hyenas and wolves”‚ in short‚ the ANC leadership.

2‚ Taking a jab at the party’s leadership‚ Khoza said that they were either liars or simply delusional.

“The new alien and corrupt ANC‚ dear friends‚ is incapable of self-correcting. The unprincipled‚ selfish‚ visionless leaders of this new alien and corrupt ANC are either lying to the country‚ or delusional‚ if they claim they could‚ or even aspire to self-correct. It lost Ekurhuleni‚ the gateway to Africa which houses OR Tambo international airport‚ again how ironic‚” Khoza said.

As ANC Women's League president Bathabile Dlamini would put it “there is no chance in today’s ANC to survive unless you have the ‘smallanyana’ skeletons in the closet. If we were to prosecute all known corrupt cases‚ including those implicated in the Gupta e-mails‚ almost 80–90% of the ANC leadership at all levels of government would have to replace their shiny tailored suit and pretty dresses with orange overalls‚” Khoza said.

3‚ In her view‚ the “new” ANC reduces women to “sex objects” and does not value their intelligence.

“I do not believe that the full emancipation of women can be realised under the new alien and corrupt ANC as some of its leaders have consistently shielded perpetrators of violence against women‚ and treated women as sex objects rather than the pillar of society that they are. The alien and corrupt ANC does not value nor respect intellectual women. We are subject to consistent condescension‚ ridicule and contempt‚ just because we are women‚” Khoza said.

4‚ In July the party’s chief whip‚ Jackson Mthembu‚ labelled her speaking out a symptom of "extreme indiscipline"‚ but Khoza says she won’t succumb to “cowardice”.

“Call me ill-disciplined‚ charge me for bringing the ANC into disrepute‚ but I will not stand down‚ because their lives cannot be in vain. There is nothing worse than being shackled in cowardice and fearing moral chains when the future of our generations is being plundered‚ looted and destroyed‚” she said.

5‚ Just when you thought she would jump ship‚ the outspoken MP said that she won’t be joining the official opposition party.

“Let me also take this opportunity to make it unequivocally clear that I am not going to the DA [Democratic Alliance]. I am not leaving the ANC. I am only leaving the alien and corrupt ANC. The values of the old ANC‚ Madiba’s ANC‚ still lives within me; and I will give it life again‚ one way or the other; for the sake of those who went before‚ and for the sake of those to come.”

Khoza‚ along with MPs Mathole Motshekga‚ Pravin Gordhan‚ Mondli Gungubele and Derek Hanekom‚ were among those who had previously said they would vote according to their conscience in last month’s vote of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma.

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