Gupta bot clampdown

11 December 2017 - 13:31 By Katharine Child
Brothers Ajay and Atul Gupta. File photo.
Brothers Ajay and Atul Gupta. File photo.

Twitter has finally clamped down on some of the abusive 900 bots that promoted the Guptas‚ talked about white monopoly capital and linked to defamatory sites such as WMC leaks.

Marketer Andrew Fraser and others such as journalist Stuart Theobald reported these accounts a few months ago.

Fraser checked his list of bots and found of the 900 bots‚ 455 were suspended on Sunday. Some of the accounts that had been shut had noticeably fake names such as Khumbu Malan‚ Winzo Benneth‚ Avelo Kopano‚ Jakobo Brits as well as Lineo and Ammy.

Fraser said Malan had tweeted very defamatory and abusive content about former Business Day editor and columnist Peter Bruce. Accounts @CountrydutySA‚ called Better than Zapiro‚ @ZAPIRO have also been shut down.

Fraser and others were told by Twitter on Sunday‚ these accounts had been shut down because they broke Twitter rules.

Twitter accounts can be reported for impersonation‚ abusive content‚ unwanted sexual advances‚ violence‚ very graphic content and hateful speech. People cannot report tweets merely because people don’t agree with their ideology.

The WMC leak website twitter handle was shut down on Sunday. It is @WMC_LEAKS.

The WMC website‚ which remains up‚ has published defamatory stories about Peter Bruce‚ former Business Day editor‚ and continues to do so with its latest story saying he is paid money by political groups and "white monopoly capital".

Following the WMC_Leaks Twitter account finally being shut down‚ it opened a new account WMCLEAKS_ that now has 40 tweets and 14 followers.

Theobald thinks he may have reported one of the recently shut down accounts as long as six months ago.

The question is‚ why does Twitter not take action sooner after complaints? asks Fraser.

He says Twitter has the software ability to shut down hateful accounts sooner.

If your Twitter account is set as being located in Germany he explains‚ you cannot see any pro-Nazi tweets as Nazi sentiment is illegal.

This means Twitter‚ when incentivised‚ is able to build software to stop certain defamatory tweets from appearing on a person's timeline.