WATCH | Not even all Cope members voted for the party: Mosiuoa Lekota

10 May 2019 - 16:26 By Naledi Shange

Cope's dismal performance at the polls shows that not all of the party's registered members voted for the party.

This was revealed by the party's leader, Mosiuoa Lekota, on Friday.

"We are going to have a review of the party. We want to establish where we went wrong. Why is it that even the membership of the party does not seem to have voted in full numbers because that figure there still falls below the number of members we have on our records," he said.

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He was speaking at the Results Operations Centre of the electoral commission (IEC) in Pretoria. With about 91% of the votes counted, Cope had secured only 41,352 of the national votes, which translated to about 0.28%.

Lekota said the party was concerned about discrepancies during the elections, including claims that some voters were able to vote more than once, some voting stations were not opened on time and the scanners used to scan the IDs of voters were not all properly utilised.

"The IEC's agents at various voting stations did not seem to be equally trained and [were not] able to do their work as they should have done," he said, listing his grievances.

Cope, which is a breakaway from the ANC, has seen a steady decline in the past three elections it has participated in. 

According to the IEC's website, the party managed to get 7.42% of the total national votes in 2009 when they first contested. 

This number went down to 0.67% in the 2014 elections.