Western Cape ANC taken to court over 'sacking' of party spokesperson

22 May 2019 - 13:13 By APHIWE DEKLERK
Former ANC Western Cape spokesperson Lionel Adendorf has demanded an apology from the provincial executive committee.
Former ANC Western Cape spokesperson Lionel Adendorf has demanded an apology from the provincial executive committee.
Image: Stephanie de Sakutin

Former Western Cape ANC spokesperson Lionel Adendorf has taken his party to court after being sacked from the position.

Adendorf filed an urgent application against the party at the high court in Cape Town on Wednesday after purportedly being fired by the provincial executive committee (PEC) during its meeting last Friday.

Adendorf, in his court papers, is disputing that such a decision was taken during that meeting and wants the court to declare it invalid. He also wants the court to declare as invalid all decisions taken by the meeting, which he said would have an impact on the Western Cape legislature and the National Council of Provinces (NCOP).

"The decision purporting to be that of the ANC Western Cape provincial executive committee to remove Adendorf as official spokesperson and political head of communications for the ANC WC ... [must be] be declared invalid," he says in court papers.

He argued that he attended the meeting until it was adjourned because it was "apparent to me that ... the tone and the nature of the meeting had become unproductive as the meeting had [taken] an increasingly aggressive and unco-operative tone", said Adendorf.

"At no time during this meeting was my position, status or relationship with the first respondent or the ANC discussed, nor were any decisions made in relation thereto.

"In addition, at no time during this meeting was the reinstatement of any other member of the first respondent agreed upon or implemented," argued Adendorf.

Apart from the announcement of his sacking, the ANC also announced the reinstatement of its provincial treasurer, Maurencia Gillion, who had been suspended in connection with an election donation (reported to be about R1m) to the party from controversial businessman Iqbal Survé.

The court action comes after Aderndorf's legal representative sent the party a letter threatening to take legal action over his sacking.

"As a result, it is our client's instruction to demand that the PEC immediately issue a public statement apologising for any harm caused to our client as well as duly retracting any false or misleading information purporting to emanate from the PEC.

"Failure to affirmatively respond to this letter within five working days will result in further legal action being taken against all responsible parties ... ," said the letter.