From Mashaba to Maimane and Trollip: DA members keep getting off the blue train

24 October 2019 - 13:20 By Unathi Nkanjeni

The tumultuous events in the DA are the gift that keeps on giving.

In less than a week, SA has had to keep up with who's in and who's leaving.

Here's a wrap of what went down:

What's the tea? Mmusi Maimane and Athol Trollip resigned from their respective positions in the DA on Wednesday.

Say what now? Yes! The same leader who claimed that the party was for “all” South Africans stepped down singing a different tune this time, along with the party's outgoing federal chairperson who said it was his “time” to go.

Wait, hold up. Maimane said what? He gleefully bashed the DA, saying: “ There comes a time when leaders must step back from all the noise and conjecture, and make a sober and honest assessment as to what the future holds ... The DA is not the vehicle best suited to take forward the vision of building one South Africa for all.”

And Trollip? “There is a time to come and a time to go. I realise this weekend that it is my time to go. I am not going slag off my political party. I know that new leadership will emerge.”

Haibo, so it's not for all? Well, the writing's on the blue train, some are saying.

Herman Mashaba, what's up with him?  The outgoing Joburg mayor resigned on Monday after Helen Zille was appointed the chairperson of the party's federal council.

Oh wow: Yeah, Mzansi was shooketh! Added to that, Mashaba said that “the DA I signed up to, is no longer the DA that has emerged out of this weekend’s federal council".

What did Zille say about all of this?  “I'm deeply moved by the commitment that both Mmusi and Athol have shown to the values that we all share.

“I want to pay tribute to both Mmusi and Athol. Everybody knows I admire Mmusi.”

Oh, is it? Yep! The return of the gogo had everyone stumbling and she had to say a thing or two.

So what's going to happen now? Normally the federal chair would take over the former leader’s role but they’ve both stepped down.

So Zille said they would now get legal advice on how to navigate this.

“We are taking legal advice.”

Sjoe. Issa lot.