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How to choose a career for your personality!

27 February 2018 - 10:06 By EvenMe
The first step in making sure you pick a job you’re going to love is to match your strengths to your career.
The first step in making sure you pick a job you’re going to love is to match your strengths to your career.
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The Chinese philosopher, Confucius, once said ‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

The first step in making sure you pick a job you’re going to love is to match your strengths to your career. From the get go, you have three types of strengths to think about:

1. Are you happiest when you use your head (intellect) as an accountant or lawyer would, for instance?

2. Perhaps, you’re better when you can use your ‘heart’ as teachers, nurses and social workers do when they teach and care for others.

3. Or, are you fulfilled when you use your hands as carpenters, artists and builders do?

Each of these strengths are extremely important and all contribute to society.

Match your personality type for greater job pleasure

Now that you know what your core strengths are, check out these personality types. Which are you?

· Personality type: Realistic

Realistic personality types enjoy working with animals, tools or machines. They generally avoid social activities, like teaching and nursing. They’re practical and like things you can see and touch. Realists do best in these fields and careers:

o Agriculture, farming, conservation, fire-fighters, paramedics, detective work, engineers, electricians, technicians, pilot, driver, carpenter, mechanic, optometry, bakers, butchers, restaurateurs and dentists.

· Personality type: Investigative

These people feed off their love to figure things out like studying and solving maths and science problems. They don’t like leadership or sales roles. They do best in the following careers and fields:

o Scientists, chemists, vets, economists, psychologists, actuaries, statisticians and engineers.

· Personality type: Artistic

Artistic people thrive in creativity through writing or dancing, music or drama. They avoid very structured tasks, like working independently and being expressive. Here’s what artistic personalities do best in:

o Writers, art directors, singers, composers, interpreters, translators, editors, actors and designers.

· Personality type: Social

Social personalities love people. They enjoy helping others but generally tend to avoid machines, tools and animals. They do best in these careers:

o Teachers, nurses, social workers, clergy, counsellors, fitness trainers and coaches.

· Personality type: Enterprising

Enterprising people are leaders and persuaders. They generally hate (and that is a strong word) analytical and scientific tasks.

These people do really well in:

o Sales, politics, management positions, travel agents, flight attendants, hairdressers, advertising and PR.

· Personality type: Conventional

This personality type love and find numbers, records, data and machines fascinating to work with. They generally stick to methods and systematic structures. Conventional personality types do best in: Accounts, technicians, clerks, analysts, traffic controllers and examiners.

By choosing a profession that matches your personality type, you will feel like you’re in your natural setting and will do thrive. You’re also more likely to love what you do – making work more fun!