'Ons Klyntji' calls for submissions

03 June 2020 - 10:09
Our favourite idiosyncratic zine wants your words, images, thought processes, wat ook al.
Our favourite idiosyncratic zine wants your words, images, thought processes, wat ook al.
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Dear friends,

We are now receiving submissions for the 2020 edition of Ons Klyntji zine.

Don’t worry, this email will not contain the phrases “in a time of” or “these crazy times”. But we know that you know that we know that you know. So, the rest is easy.

Submit a piece of your heart or mind in the form of a poem, a story, a photo or a piece of art. Distill it to the drop and/or synapse. Encrypt it with all you know and feel.

Deadline: June 26 2020

Send to: sendusyourpoems@gmail.com

You may submit your three best poems and/or a short story, a series of photographs, a drawing or anything really, even a good recipe, a joke your uncle told once at a braai in 1997, a solid Facebook post, a doodle on the back of a till slip.

For words: Submit as a Microsoft Word document only. Include your name at the top of the page. (No PDFs, please. That stuff is impossible to work with). Any language welcome.

For art/photos: Submit as JPEG file, preferably, and it must be in black and white. Keep in mind that we print in small pocket-size format (in black and white), so simple pieces work best.

There is no special theme. Just another winter out on the open veld.

Please note: This is not a competition. there is no prize to win, and we cannot pay you for your contribution. You retain all copyright for your piece. If we publish your work, you will be notified and we’ll find a way to get a free copy of the zine to you (you may purchase additional copies at cost price, and resell them for your own profit).

Publication date: To be confirmed, but probably in September 2020

All the best,

Toast Coetzer, Alice Inggs, Erns Grundling and Joe Botha (the editors, in a manner of speaking)

Issued by Ons Klyntji