Serena Williams on untouched magazine cover: I am proud to share my story

12 July 2019 - 07:18 By Cebelihle Bhengu
Serena Williams.
Serena Williams.
Image: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Body shaming, racism and sexism. Serena Williams' success did not come easy. But instead of quitting, she persisted, and not only for herself, but for the younger generation of women and girls who look up to her. 

This is what the Harper's Bazaar's cover girl said in her interview with the publication. 

Despite this, she is clearly accepting and loving of her body, and nothing says so more than her decision to have her untouched photos on the magazine's cover. 

"I have been called every name in the book. I have been shamed because of my body shape. I have been paid less because of my sex."

Serena also talked about her Grand Slam title loss to Naomi Osaka. She admitted that Osaka played better than she did and that she deserved to win, but nonetheless felt the need to speak up against what she felt was unfair treatment from the umpire.

The umpire penalised Serena, on grounds that her coach had been signalling her, but she insisted that she does not cheat to win. All this fell on deaf ears. What should have been a proud and happy moment for Osaka, who had won her first ever grand slam, was the complete opposite.

Serena further told the publication that she'd been affected by this so much that she went to see a therapist. "I thought back to my first Grand Slam, it's the one you remember best, it's supposed to be special."

She admitted that because the game was taken from her and that she stuck up for herself, the moment was also ruined for Osaka, to whom she apologised.