WATCH | Media and marketing experts discuss the power of culture, content and connections

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18 June 2020 - 12:55

Making ads that resonate with an intended audience has always been a priority for advertisers. Historically however, prioritising certain groups ahead of others has resulted in the neglect and exclusion of some consumers. Right now, the world is acutely aware of these inequalities.

So, how do advertisers position brands taking cultural diversity into account?

In a country defined by 11 national languages and considerable socioeconomic divides, SA advertisers have an exciting challenge.

It’s clear that a deeper understanding of language, culture and the prevailing mood are essential for establishing a relationship with consumers in a show of authentic empathy: to recognise and reflect the faces, lives and aspirations of consumers they wish to reach with their brand stories.

And therein lies a dilemma: how granulated must advertising campaigns become to cater to diverse audiences? Can a single campaign hold appeal across a broad spectrum of consumers, and if so, how?

Advertisers have an exciting challenge in a country as diverse as SA.
Advertisers have an exciting challenge in a country as diverse as SA.
Image: Pexels/Bestbe Models

Brands often define their character through the stories they tell, which either appeal or are ignored. They shape the connection between the brand and the consumer. So, how do agencies take into account all the differences, to build successful campaigns that unite consumers through their similarities?

We invite you to join us online for the Future of Media digitised series in partnership with Vodacom and EziAds, as our panel of experts in media and advertising speak about the power of culture, content and connections.

Panellists in the discussion moderated by Kenzy Mohapi (media personality, Jacaranda FM) include Sadika Fakir (integrated media and digital director, Tiger Brands), Nicola Cooper (trend researcher/analyst and cultural strategist), JD Engelbrecht (MD, Everlytic), and Cathy Nolan (copywriter, King Price Insurance)

Date: June 23 2020

Time: 10am

Partners of the Future of Media digitised series include Everlytic, Proudly SA, The MediaShop and WAN-IFRA.