Momo Bauhaus branches out with new Illovo eatery

Joburg's Momo Soku delivers delicious Asian-inspired dishes and is already a neighbourhood favourite

28 July 2017 - 00:00 By Lucy Sarah Heaney
Momo Soko's scrumptious baos.
Momo Soko's scrumptious baos.
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For Joburg’s foodies, the words “delicious, Asian and food” are guaranteed to bring Momo Bauhaus – the popular Greenside eatery focusing on buns, bowls and sushi.

For the last year, it’s been almost impossible to get a table at this casual eatery, and for good reason – the Asian-inspired meals are the ultimate in flavour and freshness.

If you’re already bowing down to the altar of Momo, you’ll be thrilled to know that the creative team has opened a new addition to the Momo family, with Momo Soko having opened its doors in Illovo.

Momo Soko in Illovo.
Momo Soko in Illovo.
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We chat with owner Tim Lai about the new spot, new flavours and new additions to the menu.

What made you decide to add another restaurant to the Momo family?

Greenside is an amazing spot, but there were so many other things we wanted to add to the menu, and our kitchen there presented some space constraints so we weren’t able to add them to the menu flow. With Momo Soko in Illovo, we’ve been able to add some exciting new things to the menu due to the larger kitchen.

Why Illovo?

It’s a really great spot alongside 86 Public and Hogshead, and we thought that it would be the perfect area for us. There are a lot of high-end eateries around, and we wanted to present Momo Soko as a delicious but far more casual option.

What can we expect at Momo Soko?

As with Momo Bauhaus, we try to ground all the dishes in traditional Asian flavours, but we change up the format a bit to keep it fresh. The new menu features all the Momo Bauhaus favourites, but with some new additions like namesakes, Sokos, which are Asian-style grilled skewers.

Anything exciting for us to look out for in your future?

We’ve been wanting to add some ramen dishes in the future, whether that’s in our existing stores or potentially in a new one. The ramen noodles will be made completely in house, so they’ll be fresh and true to their origins.

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