Sunday Times Food Awards

Sample delicious braai cuts at a FREE Sunday Times food tasting

It's an argument as old as the history of the braai - which supermarket stocks the best meat? Help us find out

17 September 2017 - 00:00 By Hilary Biller
Lamb chops.
Lamb chops.
Image: Supplied

Sharpen your meat-tasting skills and join us for a braai where we will subject South Africa's favourite cuts from five supermarket chains to the taste-and-tell-all test.

On the menu will be boerewors, chops, steak and pork ribs, along with a selection of braai accompaniments, that require your expert opinion.

All tasters will be asked to do a blind tasting and score the different meats and accompaniments. An expert braai master will prepare the food.

All tasters will go home with a copy of the latest Sunday Times Cookbook as a thank-you. This invitation is open to people 18 and older and please note there is pork on the menu.

When? Saturday, September 30, from 10am - 12 noon in Randburg, Johannesburg.

Interested? E-mail your name and contact details to Philantu Nkanunu,

Space is limited to 40 tasters; if you don't hear from us, unfortunately it means you missed the cut.