What The Lazy Makoti will be cooking for Christmas

Celebrity chef Mogau Seshoene tells us more about her festive plans and the gift she's really hoping to find under the tree

02 December 2018 - 00:00 By Hilary Biller
Chef Mogau Seshoene.
Chef Mogau Seshoene.
Image: Sibusiso Sibanyoni

Chef Mogau Seshoene left the corporate world to establish The Lazy Makoti, a cookery school offering vibrant interactive cooking classes aimed at preserving African food culture.

She hosted a TV show, Cooks for Life, has written a cookery book, The Lazy Makoti's Guide to the Kitchen (Quivertree), and has thousands of followers on Instagram.

She tells us more about her plans for the festive season:

I will definitely be home in Polokwane this Christmas with my parents, sister and extended family. Christmas has always been a big deal in my family, it's the one day that's non-negotiable.

Lucky for me I come from a big family of big cooks. Every cousin and aunt has a dish that they believe they make best and no-one else is allowed to make it. My aunt will most likely make her famous cheesecake, I will do my poached pear trifle, my mom will make her oxtail stew and between my cousins there will be many salads.

I will be wearing my snazzy signature red apron, that same apron on the cover of my book. Everyone in the family has one.

Christmas is the time when I enjoy spending time with family. It's such a great time to reconnect and bond with those we don't get to see the entire year because we live and work in different cities, sometimes different countries.

I receive many frantic calls from my followers asking for cooking advice and the most common one is how to boil an egg! Someone ended up burning it because they cooked it for over an hour.

What present would I like to see under the tree? I'd love a holiday, so an envelope with flight tickets would be amazing.