I focus on my legs & bum: K Naomi dishes on her gym routine

TV personality and Maybelline It Girl K Naomi Noinyane is a fan of squats, protein shakes and making fitness fun

17 September 2017 - 00:00 By Shanthini Naidoo
K Naomi Noinyane.
K Naomi Noinyane.
Image: Supplied


I am petite, so I have to work on my butt and thighs for strength and shape.

Squats are my go-to exercise. People don't believe that they work, but you can tailor the work-out to focus on different areas.

My routine is at least 30 minutes of squats for my legs and butt in my one-hour work-out (up to four times a week, if I can) and I include different types of squats, like box squats. You basically jump onto a box and then squat.

The rest of my work-out is arms and abs, but my main focus is toning my legs and bum. I also box.


I take vitamins to boost my immune system and energy levels.

I don't eat before gym, but I do have a protein shake before my workout and I eat oats with peanut butter and a bit of sugar afterwards.


Fitness doesn't have to be strenuous and stressful, it is actually one of the best natural ways to release stress. I also use exercise for thinking time, and to work out how much I can tolerate.

You won't enjoy the session unless you make it an adventure. Go with your girls, add good music, create some atmosphere.

My advice is to enjoy the confidence boost you get from exercise. I am all about confidence, and gym does that for me in terms of body confidence, awareness and endorphins.