2020's trendiest hue? Take a leaf out of Plascon's colouring book & go green

12 January 2020 - 00:00 By Julia Freemantle
Plascon's Favourite Hue 2020 is called Mulberry Leaf.
Plascon's Favourite Hue 2020 is called Mulberry Leaf.
Image: Supplied

Plascon's annual colour forecast gives us a glimpse into our technicolour future and encourages us to reflect on the cultural, social and creative trends that have shaped our world and how these will manifest in design and decorating in the year to come.

For 2020, the natural world once again tops the list. Because it is intrinsically good for us, the appeal of greenery and growing things draws us outdoors.

Unsurprisingly then, Plascon's Favourite Hue 2020 is a soothing shade of green called Mulberry Leaf (G3-D1-2).

Used in your home and paired with complementary shades from Plascon's spectrum, it will create an instant connection to the world beyond your walls.

"Mulberry Leaf helps us drown out the noise by creating a cocoon of green goodness in our homes. With this colour, we bring back the joy of staying at home," says Katlego Kondlo, Plascon's head of decorative marketing, who believes that a sustainable and healthy lifestyle is made more achievable when you're surrounded by the right elements, such as this balanced, grounded and organic vegetable tone.

Whether used as a blanket shade or an accent wall, Kondlo advocates clever colour combinations. "Complement the feature wall with a warm neutral such as Cream of Mushroom (32) and golden accents like Gold Cadillac (Y3-B1-1)."