Tweep caught in Euphonik and Lerato K's crossfire

03 July 2017 - 13:55 By TshisaLIVE
Lerato Kganyago
Lerato Kganyago
Image: Via Lerato Kganyago Instagram

A Twitter user was never ready for Lerato Kganyago's spicy clapback when the person got in the middle of her and Euphonik's quarrel.

Even though it's not clear if Euphonik and Lerato were joking with each other there was no shortage being thrown around. 

It all started when Lerato shared a birthday message to her friend Mo Flava on Twitter. 

Euphonik was evidently feeling rather spicy and dished it out to Lerato. 

Lerato was ready for Euphonik and went in hard. 

As it all unfolded a tweep took Euphonik's side and told him to "end Lerato's career". 

Lerato sent the person packing with a stinging reply.