Bonang 'in the best space ever' & keeps owning her crown

17 July 2017 - 08:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Bonang Matheba is dominating at the moment.
Bonang Matheba is dominating at the moment.
Image: Via Bonang Matheba Instagram

Mzansi's 'it girl'  Bonang Matheba says she is in the best space she has ever been, after rolling out several projects she has been intimately involved with, including a reality show, a book, a cooking show, a set of emojis and a mobile app.

The launch of most of these happened in a manic 48 hours late last week and, sitting down with TshisaLIVE, Bonang admitted that it had all been a bit overwhelming.

"I'm happy. I am very content. This has been in the making for over a year but I do feel overwhelmed, like it is all happening at the same time. I have put in so much time and effort and now I am just sitting back and taking it all in," she said.

She said that she was most excited to see how fans respond to her reality show Being Bonang, which debuted on Vuzu Amp last Friday.

"I was so nervous because I've been such a private person for such a long time but I am now at a point where I am so comfortable with myself that I don't mind sharing it. The show will dispel a lot of myths: that I am a b*tch and an ice queen.

"People don't know that I am funny, that I am laid back, that I am ratchet, that I love to dance, that I am loud, and that I am authentically and proudly Tswana. It is that side of Bonang that I am excited for people to see and experience. People are going to say: 'actually, she is very chilled'. I am a normal person. I just happened to have a really cool job," Bonang said.

Behind the screens, Bonang recently threw a lavish 30th birthday party and has won the heart of rapper AKA. Together the pair are one of the most influential couples in the country.

Bonang gushed over her man and said that the couple are like any other who simply enjoy just spending time together.

"AKA is the only man who has ever been proud to be with me and the only man that has ever really protected me. I am proud to be his and he is proud to be mine," she said.

Reflecting on her success so far, Bonang said she was humbled to be one of the biggest personalities in the country.

"It's all changed from a year ago. Now there is a little bit of me everywhere you go," she said.

Bonang's book Bonang: From A to B is available from bookstores nationwide.