Kabomo doesn't want to leave the 'honeymoon phase' of marriage

09 August 2017 - 10:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Kabomo and his wife are loving being married.
Kabomo and his wife are loving being married.
Image: Via Instagram

Musician Kabomo is loving married life so much that he said he wishes he did it earlier and revealed that he never plans on leaving the honeymoon phase.

The musician gushed about his wife, whom he recently married, telling TshisaLIVE that the stability she has brought into his life makes him want to be a better husband every day.

"If I knew that marriage life was so great I would have gotten married as soon as I found my other half. That woman has brought so much joy in my life. To live life with a person who is constantly by your corner, supporting you and just loving you is amazing. We are definitely still in the honeymoon phase having been married a little over a month ago, but I plan on staying in this phase forever," he said.

Kabomo who said that everything in his life looks like its falling into place, recently released his double disc album Unapologetic.

He said that some of the songs were inspired by his blossoming love life and that his wife also helped him have more confidence in his music.

"There is a clear difference in someone who has someone who believes in him and someone who doesn't. Do you know, in high school I did not sing, I actually thought I was horrible. But a combination of things came together to help me harness my talent. Practice, guidance and even people who help you believe that you can do it," he said.

The singer said he doesn't take his love for granted as it inspired him. He said that he wants to grow old with the "love of his life" and talk about how amazing marriage is to their kids.