'She raised my hopes for f***in nothing' - girl calls out Bonang Matheba on Twitter

26 September 2017 - 12:08 By TshisaLIVE
Bonang Matheba has become the talk of the town yet again.
Bonang Matheba has become the talk of the town yet again.
Image: Via Instagram

A university student has caused a storm with claims that Bonang Matheba allegedly failed to live up to promises to help pay her fees seven months later.

Bonang Matheba topped the trends list for over 24 hours following the incident in which she made "promises" to assist the girl pay the balance for her fees.

The girl, who calls herself Amber Run @Nanazileh, took to Twitter in February to share her frustrations over losing a potential job in China because she couldn't pay off her school fees. This after, she failed to produce the original document, which proves that she completed her studies for her visa.

That was when Bonang publicly offered to help her to settle the amount.

The young woman also shared screenshots of private conversations she had with Bonang, which allegedly amounted to dololo. 

Twitter has been split over the fiasco and initially felt sorry for the young woman. 

As the girl took to Twitter to express her disappointment over Bonang "failing" her, B replied claiming that three people were working on her case.  

It was then that the B force (Bonang's fans) came out strongly to defend her, saying that the woman made it seem like she was "entitled".

Apart from the brief tweet, Bonang has not revealed any further details surrounding the fiasco. 

Bonang's team have not been available for comment.