'I'm sorry, but this is weird' - Loyiso Bala shades Trevor Gumbi's comedy divorce tour

27 September 2017 - 15:16 By TshisaLIVE
Musician Loyiso Bala is not impressed by Trevor Gumbi's upcoming divorce comedy tour.
Musician Loyiso Bala is not impressed by Trevor Gumbi's upcoming divorce comedy tour.
Image: Via Instagram

Singer Loyiso Bala could not hide his opinions over Trevor Gumbi's plan to share his divorce experience with Mzansi through a comedy tour. 

Commenting on a poster of the tour which was shared on social media, Loyiso labelled the project weird. 


"I'm sorry, but this is weird. Nothing to be celebrated about a divorce no matter how amicable it may be. And to then expect us to support it with our own money? Aikona," he wrote.

The musician went on to debate with other followers who compared the comedy tour to him writing songs about his experiences. 


Trevor's estranged wife, Lucille wasted no time in defending his decision to share his experience with the public.

"Then don't, each to their own . A comedy show, is not a celebration. It's an expression of life situations and this divorce is Trevor's and he chooses to show the world and teach in the best way he knows how, which is comedy . If you went through something you express it in song and expect us to buy the CD. What's the difference. We never once said come celebrate. Nothing about this show is a celebration. But as I said each to their own," she wrote.

However, Loyiso stuck to his guns and said it still didn't make sense to him. 

"I can understand it from Trevor's side (him being a comedian), but you? Naaa sisi! Maybe you're right buy saying "each to their own" because this truly doesn't make any logical sense to me," he wrote.

Lucille then asked him to stick to music, thanked him for his comments and wished him a good day.

"As I said each to their own . You stick to expressing yourself in song and we will how we see fit . Both me and @trevorgumbi. Thanks for sharing your opinion have a good day," she added.