I felt violated, says Pamela Nomvete on past audition harassment

03 November 2017 - 12:15 By TshisaLIVE
Pamela Nomvete was half-naked when she decided that she needed to leave the audition.
Pamela Nomvete was half-naked when she decided that she needed to leave the audition.
Image: File photo

As some of Hollywood’s biggest stars continue to reveal details of their alleged assault at the hands of American producers and actors, SA veteran actress Pamela Nomvete has recounted her own experience with harassment.

Speaking to DJ Fresh on Metro FM on Friday, Pamela said she was starting out in the industry when she went for an audition in the UK for a project being produced by a well-known African filmmaker. 

"I went to this audition, which took place in a house, and I remember arriving thinking this is weird. And went through this whole process where actually I ended up half naked and (there was) no camera people," she explained. 

Having got to that point she stopped and walked out of the audition.

"He was telling me: 'You will have to be naked in this film so I want you to be comfortable with me'. And I was thinking: 'Yeah, I know that in the movies we are, and especially as women you kind of have to show your t*ts if you going to make it. If I want to get that award I have to show my t*ts'. So I went there thinking: 'Let me just do this' and something, maybe my ancestors, spoke to me and there was a point I thought, 'No, I can't do this'. I kind of ran out the house but, you know, literally humiliated, grabbing my clothes," she said. 

Pamela said when she got home her sister saw the shock on her face and asked her if she had been raped.

"I burst into tears and said in a way, yes. I do feel raped. I feel violated," she added.

She went on to have an illustrious career both in South Africa and the UK. And after a stint on UK soapie Coronation Street, the former Generations star, returned to TV screen this year on Mzansi Magic's hit drama Lockdown

Speaking to 702 last year, Pamela said she released an autobiography in 2012 because she hoped to impart knowledge about the industry with young actors so that they would have a little more wisdom than she had.

"My desire was for the young artists that are coming up behind me that they enter the industry with a bit more wisdom and understand that actually if they themselves are together as human beings, if they are able to embrace themselves as rounded human beings, they will be able to cope with the industry. Because it is not an easy industry," she added.