Buhle Samuels on Muvhango exit: I'm proud of myself for staying afloat

09 January 2018 - 13:39 By Kyle Zeeman
Actress Buhle Samuels looks back at her time on Muvhango.
Actress Buhle Samuels looks back at her time on Muvhango.
Image: Buhle Samuels via Instagram

After four years on Muvhango, actress Buhle Samuels has decided to leave the popular show for a new adventure, including working on her music career.

Buhle told TshisaLIVE that she is excited to try several new projects but admitted it was a difficult decision to leave the production she always saw as her "home" 

"This is where I started and learnt almost everything I know. I have learnt so much, but I had to be honest with myself and realise I have done my part.  I want to explore other things. It is scary but I will be on one or two other projects in the coming months and it will allow me the time to work on my music."

Buhle said she would look back fondly at her time on Muvhango and pointed out five highlights (and lowlights) of her time on the show.

My first TV show

This was my first role and I had to sink or swim. I am proud of myself that I was able to stay afloat for 4 years.

Having to learn Venda

I never thought that I would be on a Venda show. I didn’t know the language. I had to learn quickly.

Working with Sindi Dlathu

She is one of the best actresses in the country. She is so calm. I remember some of my first scenes were with her and she taught me to relax. She is relatable and doesn't think she is on a pedestal. I am so glad I acted with her. She really influenced my behaviour and acting style.

Those pesky fake bum rumours

I remember reading that people were selling bum pads based on my character and I found it boring. There has always been a fascination about it. I knew it would happen but not to that extreme though. I’m glad it is over.

The saddest part is that you become something that is not real. You have intimate experiences with your fans (by being on the show) but they don’t believe you are real and they think you are fake.

Always being stuck in a love triangle

My character is always involved in a love triangle and I think it was really interesting how she written. Even up until now, she is still caught in a love triangle. Now that I have left, I don’t know what will happen to the character. All I know is I will miss her alot.