Muvhango actress Azwi Rambuda on those weird pregnancy cravings

02 February 2018 - 11:48 By Chrizelda Kekana
Azwi Rambuda plays Azwindini's fifth wife in SABC 2 drama Muvhango.
Azwi Rambuda plays Azwindini's fifth wife in SABC 2 drama Muvhango.
Image: Via Instagram

Known for being notoriously private, Muvhango actress and real-life princess Azwi Rambuda has opened up about her challenging pregnancy and excitement about motherhood the second time around.

The actress, who plays the role of Chief Azwindini Mukwevho's fifth wife Mpho Ravele, has revealed that her second pregnancy came with its own set of challenges.  

"This time around I was throwing up. I suffer with severe back pain and I have the weirdest cravings. Most women crave amagwinya, but I crave grapes and rocket leaves! I can't eat meat either," she told Drum magazine. 

The actress jokingly added that she thought her baby may be a vegetarian just like his father.

Azwi's husband Lucky Litelu is an entrepreneur and paid lobola for the real life Venda princess of the Dzimauli Musanda Ha-Rambuda in Limpopo last September.

The actress already has a daughter, Rendani, who she said couldn't wait to welcome her sibling. 

"She (Rendani) wanted a sister but when we got the news it's a boy, it was all the same to her."

Azwi and her husband Lucky Litebu have already decided the baby boy will be named Lesedi (Sotho name meaning light.)

Check out some of her cute preggie snaps: