Khanyi Mbau believes Mzansi's 'sleeping' on her music

15 April 2018 - 13:00 By Palesa Buyeye and Karishma Thakurdin
Khanyi Mbau believes she will crack into the music industry.
Khanyi Mbau believes she will crack into the music industry.
Image: Via Instagram

Even though Khanyi Mbau is setting TV screens ablaze with roles on Uzalo, her own entertainment show, The Scoop and her latest gig on drama, Abomama, she still has big hopes of cracking the music industry. 

The once self-confessed 'queen of bling' and 'gold-digger' has come a long way since she first burst onto the social scene with her yellow Lamborghini and fiesty personality. 

And, even though a lot - and we mean A LOT -  has changed since then, there are some tags that Khanyi has not been able to fully get rid of. 

During an interview with Sowetan, Khanyi explained that because her personal life overtook everything about her, people didn't take her talent seriously and till today, people think that her music is a stunt. 

"I am constantly in studio with the hope that one day I can be given a chance. Radio stations don't even give me an opportunity because people are thinking it's just a stunt to keep relevant when, in fact, music is in my blood," she said. 

Khanyi recently released a gqom single, Zningi, which got people talking on social media. But it was still not the big break she's been yearning for.

That doesn't mean she's giving up. In fact, Khanyi believes ya'll are sleeping on her music. 

"This stuff has been sitting here and waiting but you guys choose to sleep on me. "