'Humiliated' ice cream gogo too embarrassed to meet Malcolm X for R10k gift

20 August 2018 - 11:04 By Kyle Zeeman
Malcolm X went to Limpopo to give a gogo R10k for groceries but was turned away.
Malcolm X went to Limpopo to give a gogo R10k for groceries but was turned away.
Image: Via Malcolm X's Instagram

Businessman Malcolm X was turned away from the home of a gogo, who became an internet sensation last week after a video of her eating ice cream with bread went viral. 

The man dubbed the 'Peoples' Blesser' pledged to donate R10,000 to the gogo after he was left outraged by the video that was shared with him in a WhatsApp group.

Malcolm X  travelled to Limpopo to hand over the money and speak to the family about a way to help them improve their situation, but was greeted with a closed door.

He told TshisaLIVE that the gogo was so "humiliated" by the video that she was "indoors and doesn't want to meet anyone".

"As a result, her family has politely refused to accept the R10,000 we offered for groceries," Malcolm added.

Malcolm did not hold back in criticising the person who took the video of the gogo, telling TshisaLIVE last week   the person should have been the first to help.

"It is humiliating. She is humiliated. Her children are humiliated. This poor woman only had bread and when she got to town the cheapest thing she could buy to go with the bread was ice cream. The person who was filming the video should have been the first person to help her, not laugh in the background. The people who are mocking her are not offering to help her."

While out in the area recently, Malcolm "consoled" himself by handing out R15,000 to students at the University of Limpopo.

Malcolm has shared several videos on social media of himself giving back to students and the less fortunate. He said that he posted the videos to inspire others to also give back