IN MEMES | Will Jerry be blamed for Zack's misfortune?

02 October 2018 - 08:56 By Chrizelda Kekana
Shona Ferguson plays Jerry Maake in The Queen.
Shona Ferguson plays Jerry Maake in The Queen.
Image: Twitter/Ferguson Films

Just when The Queen viewers thought they could take a break from the drama in Vee's life because it looked like she got her happy ending, it turned out that the happiness was a false alarm.

Zack is fighting for his life in ICU after he was hit by a taxi. Even though it is public knowledge that Zack's biggest enemy at the moment is the people's favourite Robocop Jerry, viewers couldn't bring themselves to accuse him of being behind the "mysterious" attack.

Petronella on the other hand didn't even try to hide it, she believes that there's a war between Jerry and Zack with Vee being the ultimate price.

On the other hand, tweeps are afraid that Zack will wake up from his coma with no memory of Vee or their relationship. That could be good news except, viewers already know that Vee will go to Jerry for a shoulder to cry on and they are not sure he can handle the heartbreak again.