Zoleka Mandela on the complications surrounding her pregnancy

08 January 2019 - 06:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Zoleka Mandela has described her unborn baby as a miracle.
Zoleka Mandela has described her unborn baby as a miracle.
Image: Instagram/Zoleka Mandela

The series of medical complications, which has surrounded Zoleka Mandela's latest pregnancy has made her stronger and has reminded her that her unborn baby is a "gift from God". 

In a lengthy Instagram post, Zoleka detailed some of the challenges she's faced over the last few months. 

"We’ve had quite an emotional rollercoaster of a journey since the conception of Baby Bashala - from finding out we were pregnant on the same day my vaginal ultrasound revealed that I may have adenomyosis, which is a gynecological medical condition that can only be cured through a hysterectomy to the emotional distress brought on by non-invasive prenatal testing to rule out down syndrome and to being diagnosed with depression and anxiety." 

Zoleka explained that despite all the challenges she's facing, falling pregnant as a cancer surviour without the use of IVF has proven to her that this baby is a blessing. 

"I hadn’t had a menstrual cycle for close to a year until it came unexpectedly, I fell pregnant immediately after and will be birthing my 5th child in a few weeks, without the use of IVF. Baby Bashala is such a reminder that I am truly blessed and favoured, my little miracle in my womb is a gift from God." 

In a separate post, Zoleka said she currently felt like a fat cake.